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''We'll fight to keep the points in Dom Sportova''

Announcements 28.09.2014.
''We'll fight to keep the points in Dom Sportova''
The Bears will have an interesting start to the week. They're going to host the league's strongest team, SKA from St. Petersburg, twice in three days. First on Monday at 7:30PM, and then on Wednesday at 8PM. 
Last season they beat them 4:3 in the heart of the Ice Hall in a shootout. Goalie Mark Dekanich was incredible on net, especially during overtime and the shootout. Not even the legendary Ilya Kovalchuk couldn't read Dex during his shootout shot... This season SKA is coming to the Den with a 10/10 track – 10 games, 10 wins. Their ability is unquestionable, they have Kovalchuk, who is currently the league's best player with 19 points (11 goals, 8 assists). That said, fans in the Ice Hall are in for a real hockey treat. 
''The games against SKA will definitely be hard, Kovalchuk plays really well and has really good teammates. Last season we managed to beat them here, we have to go into the game thinking positively. If we're going to have penalties like in the last game against Slovan, we almost certainly won't win because their powerplay is phenomenal. They're the best team in the league and they're used to having every other team particularly motivated to win points against them. It's going to be a great challenge for us'', said forward Bill Thomas. 
The Bears, and SKA also, have played ten games so far, and they've won three of those and lost seven. But that doesn't mean that Zagreb's boys will give up without a fight, especially in front of their fans. 
''SKA is maybe the best team in the league, but everyone can be defeated, which we proved last season and we're going to fight to keep the points in Dom Sportova'', suggested defenseman Sasa Martinovic.