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''We're aware of the competition, but we're not afraid of a challenge''

Transfers 03.07.2015.
''We're aware of the competition, but we're not afraid of a challenge''
Juniors Ivan Jankovic and Matija Milicic proved to be very hard workers last season. They practiced hard, collected points, and were the best players on Medvescak's EBYSL team, and this summer their going to put forward their best game, abilities, and determination during Medvescak's KHL preseason to try and cash in on their efforts by winning over coach Gordie Dwyer.
''I didn't expect to be playing in the KHL. But it's a huge honour, and I've dreamt three of four times that Milicic and I debuted in the KHL. I don't want to set my expectations too high, I'm aware of where I'm coming from – that I grew up in a country with two skating rinks. But, I'm not afraid, because the other guys aren't aliens, we're all the same on the ice. I have a lot of respect for people with ten to fifteen pro seasons behind them'', commented Jankovic, while Milicic added:
''I was surprised by the invitation because until yesterday I was playing junior hockey. But, now I'm going to give it my best to fight for a spot on the team. I'm excited, and I'm not scared. I can't wait to play in front of a packed audience. Until now I've been going to Medvescak's games as a fan, and now other people are going to be watching me.''
In order for the 20-year-old sports management student at Libertas (Jankovic) and the 19-year-old dental technician (Milicic) to reach their dreams, they're already taken a ferocious bite out of Medvescak's offer and they're not leaving anything to chance, having gotten private instructors to work with them. 
Jankovic and Milicic have a daunting task ahead of themselves in the Den, because the preseason's competition for a spot on Medvescak's KHL team is going to be huge. Among that competition will be 23-year-old Slovakian forward Radovan Pulis, and 20-year-old Swedish defenseman Adam Deutsch who are also coming for the professional tryout period.