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'Coat for another' in Zagreb Den

News 18.01.2017.
'Coat for another' in Zagreb Den

Zagreb Bears joined NGO's Portal dobrote initiative 'Coat for another' last week. During the last two games in Dom sportova fans could 'buy' tickets for KHL home games with winter jackets / coats; scarves, hats and gloves; warm winter shoes and socks and thus be rewarded for an act of kindness.

As always, the fans responded readily and once again showed their true big heart by donating a large number of warm winter clothing which will find its way to those who need it most on both occasions.

This is another praiseworthy action by Portal goodness which the Bears actively joined. ‘So no child in Croatia goes hungry’ was the first humanitarian project by Portal dobrote in which the Bears, thanks to their fans and partners have provided several thousand meals for Croatian school children in 2014 and 2015.

Bears heartily thank everyone who participated in this year's campaign 'Coat for another' by Portal dobrote and became part of a beautiful human story.