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'Six home games are a great opportunity to grab lots of points'

Announcements 13.11.2014.
'Six home games are a great opportunity to grab lots of points'
Over the past month and a half Bears have played 18 games, and 11 of those were on the road. But, after several trips, they will be spending the majority of November in the Den because they've got six home games lined up. 
''This is an extremely important period for us. Six games on home ice are a great opportunity to collect as many points as possible and to grab a better spot in the ranks'', said forward Mike Glumac. 
The Bears have collected five points in the past three road games, three in Novokuznetsk and two in Bratislava, winning two away games in a row. 
''That's definitely a great thing. Those wins gave us a boost for these home games in which we have to get as many points as we can, and it would be ideal, considering our ranking right now, if we could win the maximum amount of points'', concluded defenseman Shaone Morrisonn. 
A new hunt for 3 points begins on Friday at 7:30PM against Atlant from Mytishchi. They've already played against Atlant once this season, in Mytishchi, and the victory stayed with the home team. 
''Good defense will be a priority. We can't let Atlant create too many opportunities, while on the other hand we have to stick to our game system. I hope that we come out of this game with three points'', said Glumac, while Morrisonn added:
''Atlant have a good team, experienced forwards, good special teams... Last time they outplayed us and won. That's why we have to be ready for them. This will be a good challenge for us, and the fans will have an opportunity to see a fun and challenging game.''