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A loss in the dying moments

Reports 16.02.2016.
A loss in the dying moments

After the game had ended everyone could agree on one point, the scoreboard didn’t do the battle the Bears put up against the league’s second best team justice.

“Tonight both teams deserved to win, sadly, we found ourselves at the wrong end of the bargain. Congratulations to my boys, I’m proud of them,” said Medvescak’s head coach Gordie Dwyer.

The game in the Arena 2000 Lokomotiv will stay in special memory to Tom Zanoski who played his 100th game for Medvescak in international championships, and for Ivan Jankovic who played his KHL debut.

“The first KHL game and it was….wow. Exactly what I thought it would be and I’m thrilled that I got to live it. A few days ago I found out I would be playing against them. I gave it my all, as much as I could. The coach gave me a chance and it went well. Well, at least for me,” said Janković after the game in which he spent 3:39 on the ice and continued commenting : ”As a team, it was a game we could’ve won. They didn’t underestimate us, you could see it from the start and we gave them a fight. It should’ve ended better for us, but that’s sport.”

In the opening minutes the Bears were equal contenders and even managed to get the first lead of the game. Alexander Bolduc passed through two defenders and shot from the left circle right into the net behind Vitaly Kolesnik. The goal scorer soon ended in the penalty box for a penalty and Loko took the initiative on the ice, but they would only tie the game 4:10 before the end of the first period. In a scramble in front of Gasper Kroselj, Jiri Novotny found the puck and he slid it into the net. When it was pretty clear that the first period would end as a tie, Stanislav Chistov blasted a shot from the right circle and made it 2:1 for Lokomotiv.

In the first ten minutes of the second period it was obvious that the game wouldn’t lack in the physicality department and emotions culminated after an empty goal 17 seconds before the end of the game. Shaone Morrisonn got a penalty and Medvescak was playing with four defenders from the 27th minute.

In the last period the Bears entered powerfully, and the captain Mike Glumac ensured that the final moments of the game would be interesting with his 10th point of the season, tying the result with a great shot from between the hashmarks. In the back and forth attacks, the dying minutes went by, and the win for the hosts was ensured by Denis Mosalyov, from another scramble in front of Kroselj. After the Bears pulled Kroselj from the net for the extra attacker, with less than two minutes to go, Yegor Averin scored into the empty net for the final score of 4:2.

“I congratulate Loko on the win. I’m very happy with the approach and the game my team displayed, I like the way we fought, especially if you take into consideration all the changes in our team,” concluded Dwyer.

Video source: www.khl.ru

The last game of the KHL 2015/2016 season the Bears will play in two days, on Thursday, February 18 from 17:30 CET in Sochi. The game against Sochi will be televised by Sport Klub 3.


KHL, Arena-2000-Lokomotiv, Yaroslavl


07:46 0-1 Bolduc (Bjorkstrand)

15:50 1-1 Novotny (Kronwall, Averin)

18:37 2-1 Chistov (Koledov, Loktionov)

45:06 2-2 Glumac (Giliati)

58:10 3-2 Mosaljov (Hersley)

59:43 4-2 Averin (Apalkov) EN

SHOTS ON GOAL: 29 - 20

PENALTIES: 12 min – 38 min

HC LOKOMOTIV YAROSLAVL: Kolesnik, Murigin, Koledov, Grigoryev, Hersley, Novotny, Konkov, Kronwall, Averin, Pashnin, Sigaryov, Apalkov, Chistov, Mosalyov, Kraskovsky, Kapustin, Gorokhov, Maltsev, Rafikov, Romantsev, Loktionov, Kartayev

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Krošelj, Milicic, Deutsch, Parlett, Zanoski, Giliati, Glumac, Brule, Hedberg, Jämtin, Bolduc, Jankovic, Bjorkstrand, Gysbers, Smolenak, Perkovich, Morrisonn, Saarinen, Katic, Arkalov