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A point for the effort

Reports 14.09.2015.
A point for the effort

A hard fought, physically intense game was the first rematch of the season in the Ice hall of Dom sportova. Medvescak hosted Slovan Bratislava and ensured a point in the last minute of regulation. The away team took the extra point in overtime and notched their fourth victory in a row.

“This was a hard fought and tactically excellent game. We lacked concentration in critical situations. Slovan’s forwards took advantage and made the most of our mistakes. They lead the game and our chase after them tired us out in the end,” said head coach of the home team, Gordie Dwyer.

The dynamic third period brought great plays from both sides which resulted in an excellent display of hockey. Speed on the offense and toughness while on defense were all the time, while the goalies, Gasper Kroselj and Barry Brust kept their nets empty with excellent saves.

Two goals in two and a half minutes by the guests, the latter goal being a shorthanded one and a quick response from the Bears after Dwyer called a timeout all fit into the first six minutes.

“Kroselj deserved to stay in the net after the goals. He does a good job, works hard and I think he was excellent at times. It was a message to the team, get it together and play the best you can,” said the coach.

Colby Genoway cut Slovan’s lead in half and set the grounds for a big fight all the way to the end, when the Bears tied the game in the last minute.

Video source: www.khl.ru

Medvescak came out the door a lot better in the second than in the first, with a couple of good opportunities to complement how well they’ve played, but Brust kept his net empty during the second. Most of the battles were fought in the neutral zone, the number of opportunities dropped, but the tension rose.

The last period brought a tactical game of cat and mouse that didn’t tolerate mistakes, but, a large one still happened to Slovan’s goalie. Already known for his trips outside his crease, Brust intented to pass the puck to his defenseman, but instead sent it right to Marek Kvapil’s stick and he made the most of it.

In the second minute of overtime Tomas Starosta took advantage of a scramble in front of Medvescak’s goal to score his first of a season on a top shelf shot.

“I think we didn’t make too many mistakes today, we had good opportunities that we could’ve made more out of. Slovan played really well, they took everything we gave them. We had a few lapses in concentration on defense and that cost us the game. What’s done is done, we need to move forward because every game is important,” said Stefano Giliati to summarize the game.

Milan Jurcina played his first game as Bear and notched 13 minutes of on-ice time.

Gasper Kroselj was chosen by the fans to be the HOK player of the game, netting 20 saves.

Medvescak continue their home stand on Thursday 17th of September when they will host Spartak Moscow who returned to the league this season. The game starts at 19:30 in the Ice hall of Dom sportova, tickets can be bought on all Ticketshop sales spots as well as online on www.ticketshop.hr . As always, tickets can also be bought at the Dom sportova box office from 6 PM on the day of the game.


KHL, Ice hall of Doma sportova, Zagreb


01:57 0-1 Viedensky (Barker, Bartolic)

04:35 0-2 Jeglic PP1

05:28 1-2 Genoway (Larkin, Hedberg)

59:32 2-2 Kvapil

62:31 2-3 Starosta (Kaspar)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 20 - 23

PENALTIES: 10 min - 35 min

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Kroselj, Heeter, Kinrade, Genoway, Deutsch, Larkin, Zanoski, Giliati, Glumac, Brule, Mantyla, Hedberg, Jamtin, Bjorkstrand, Gysbers, Jurčina, Smolenak, Morrisonn, Mertl, Katic, Kvapil

HC SLOVAN BRATISLAVA: Luza, Sresen, Nedorost, Jeglic, Ticar, Viedensky, Nagy, Skalicky, Brust, Garnett, Novak, Lušnak, Surovy, Svarny, Barker, Mihalik, Stastny, Bartovic, Kozak, Kaspar, Skokan, Starosta