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A postcard from Cardiff

News 11.08.2016.
A postcard from Cardiff

Since Sunday arrival in Cardiff, the Bears started their second week of training camp away from Zagreb.



With off ice sessions and aboundand video analysis, the Bears took to the ice twice daily to turn theory into practice.

Not even a demanding tempo could stop them from staying on the ice a little bit longer and helping out with the young Devils team.



On the other side, a regular guest at Bears' trainings was Devils player/coach Andrew Lord.

How satisfied the team is with the conditions they're working in and with the friendly welcome the city and club gave them, was best described in an interview for IceTime.tv by the boss, Gordie Dwyer: “We’ve been well received here in Cardiff, the Devils have done a great job hosting us. I can't say enough about the organisation. It’s been a good experience so far and we’re looking forward to the weekend games.”

Guys used rear moments of down time for teambuilding activities and they didn't forget to follow-up on the Olympic Games.



The complete interview with head coach Dwyer can be viewed here.