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Admiral completely powerless to Cheechoo and Dekanich

Reports 06.12.2013.
Admiral completely powerless to Cheechoo and Dekanich
The Bears beat Admiral! Three away games, three wins, nine points. Those are the current results of Medvescak's trip to Russia's far East. The game in Vladivostok was their second time defeating Admiral (0:2), and this was their fourth consecutive victory, while goalie Mark Dekanich got his second shutout of the season. 
''This was a hard game for both teams. Considering the game in the first period where both teams, especially the goalies, played really well, the first goal was extremely important especially since we were the visiting team. It gave us the advantage. After that first goal, the opponents started to press us, but our goalie was amazing again in this game'', said Medvescak's coach Mark French. 
The KHL debutants, as both Medvescak and Admiral were accepted into the KHL this season, played the first period with discipline and without any penalties. Both teams put pressure on the others' net, and had a very close shots on goal ration at 11:10 in Admiral's favour. The period ended in 0:0, but by the 25th minute the Bears were at 0:1 thanks to Jonathan Cheechoo, and with just minutes to spare before the end of the final period (58th minute), Cheechoo secured three points with another goal. 
''It's a good feeling to get three points and create a win streak on the road'', said two-time shooter Cheechoo, adding:
''We played solid defence against Admiral, and we might have been a bit slower in the first period, but both teams had a fair amount of chances to score.''