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An early goal decided the game

Reports 21.10.2015.
An early goal decided the game

Medvescak hosted the Hawks from Omsk in a hardfought and physical game, tactically difficult in which the Bears were chasing a one goal deficit from very early on, which proved to be too much for them today, even though they displayed impressive will and quality chances.

“I want to congratulate Avangard on the win. At the very start, they were the better team, they came out prepared and they scored a goal which proved to be decisive. It’s never easy to be behind in a game and no matter how hard we attacked and pressured them, they remained steadfast and held on to their minimal lead, earning them a big win in the end. I’m disappointed that we didn’t manage to come back, but other than the very start of the game, I have nothing to hold against my team,” commented head coach Gordie Dwyer.

In the second minute of the game, Vladimir Sobotka held the puck along the left boards, spotted Alexander Perezhogin  in the left circle, sent him a timely pass and Perezhogin scored on a one-timer.

“It’s always hard when you’re behind from the start,” reflected Andreas Jämtin, continuing he said:”This isn’t the first time we conceded an early goal, that we aren’t focused enough at the start of the game. That small piece, maybe 2% more of concentration that we lacked to be at 100% was decisive. They scored and after that they relied on their system and their game, we were prepared for that, we created chances, but we didn’t manage to score.”

After the shocking start, the Bears kept their composure and set up their game, forechecking hard, keeping Avangard in their own end. Opportunities came in bunches, the Bears shot at Dominik Furch, but the puck wouldn’t find the net.

The second period was marked by the home team’s pressure and later on a great battle in the neutral zone, in which the guests defended their end well and created quality chances on the other end.

“There were positives in this game and we have to concentrate on them and keep looking forward. We know that at this level of play, only wins count. We have to stop overanalyzing and play more. Remember that we love hockey and that’s why we play it. As long as we are positive and bring positive energy with us to the ice and the dressing room, everything will work out,” concluded Jämtin.

The last 20 minutes went by in the same rhythm with a single quality chance on both sides, but the score would remain the same.

As chosen by the fans in the Ice hall, Danny Taylor was announced as the HOK player of the the game. Taylor stopped 24 shots and kept the team in it. Coach Dwyer said about his goalie:”Taylor was our no. 1 goalie before he got injured, Kroselj stepped in then and answered the call. But, Taylor came back to the ice and this was his game, he played really well. When a goalie concedes only one goal, you can’t hold him accountable for the defeat.”

Medvescak continues its home stand on Friday, 23rd of October with a game against Barys Astana, the game starts at 7.30 PM in the Ice hall. Tickets are available on all Ticketshop sales spots, as well as online on www.ticketshop.hr, as always tickets will also be available at the Ice hall box office which opens at 18:00 at the day of the game.

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KHL,Ice hall of Dom sportova, Zagreb


01:13 0-1 Perezhogin (Sobotka)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 24 - 25

PENALTIES: 8 min – 10 min

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Taylor, Kroselj, Kinrade, Genoway, Deutsch, Parlett, Giliati, Kousa, Glumac, Brule, Hedberg, Jämtin, Gysbers, Jurčina, Smolenak, Perkovich, Morrisonn, Saarinen, Mertl, Katic, Kvapil

HK AVANGARD OMSK: Furch, Kostin, Aleksandrov, Kempny, Ahnelöv, Sobotka, Petrov, Shirokov, Chernikov, Glukhov A., Popov, Valentenko, Parshin, Perezhogin, Zubov, Dervuk, Glukhov N., Lekomcev, Miheyev, Fishenko, Erat, Semyonov