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An unforgettable Christmas Eve in the Den

News 25.12.2015.
An unforgettable Christmas Eve in the Den

The Bears celebrated their first Christmas Eve in the Den in the KHL in a true magnificent and worthy fashion – surrounded by family and charity auctions, and they rounded it all up with the greatest gift – a win that almost cunts double because it was won against a divisional rival.


Save for the game itself, the central happening of the evening was the long anticipated second Teddy Bear Toss at the Ice Hall. It happened in the 15th minute of the game when Patrick Bjorkstrand scored his 12th goal of the season and secured a great wave of happiness that washed over the Den and brought 2054 plush toys onto the ice.




Thanks to all the fans who participated and celebrated the Bears’ first goal against Dinamo Minsk in this manner, club’s partner Podravka donated 20540 kuna to “Hrabri Telefon”! And all the toys will bring happiness to protégés of Mali dom.

But that was not the end of the humanitarian aspect of the day. True Christmas spirit in the Den was built by lightheartedness, carols and Christmas decorations complemented by Christmas Eve meal which, through donations secured 1054 meals for underprivileged children in Croatian elementary schools!

From a sports perspective, except a great performance and true team spirit, Christmas Eve will be remembered for Gilbert Brule’s goal 53 seconds into overtime, fifth goal in total and third for the Bears.

Video source: www.khl.ru

Photos from the game can be viewed here, and Teddy Bear Toss ones here.