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Anderson: We all know SKA, but we'll give it our all

Announcements 30.09.2014.
Anderson: We all know SKA, but we'll give it our all
On Wednesday (8PM), just two days after the Den's doors were opened to one of the KHL's best and most expensive teams – SKA from St. Petersburg – the Bears will once again host the league's best player Ilya Kovalchuk and the rest of his gang. 
''SKA is a team loaded with talented hockey players, and we saw that on Monday. On the one hand we tried to create opportunities and attack, and on the other we had to be aware that the littlest error could mean a shot in our net'', said Matt Anderson. 
September's last game Medvescak vs SKA ended in a 1:5 win for the team from St. Petersburg, SKA's domination with a flawless 11/11 (11 games, 11 wins) goes on, and Zagreb’s boys will have the same task in their second face off: trying to find a efficient way to stop the mighty St. Petersburg machine. 
''Our ability to hold them back and not let them score will be what gives us the opportunity to win on Wednesday. As a team, we have to play more and compete together. Their powerplay is incredible, it's clear that they're in good shape'', said Anderson, who believes it's a tad easier to play against tough opponents:
''It's easier for us to prepare mentally and physically for the game because in some way we have nothing to lose. Everyone knows who SKA are and what that means in the world of hockey, while we're still just a little club. But despite that, we're going to give it our all.''