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Are you ready to break new records?

Pan Arena Ice Fever 22.01.2014.
Are you ready to break new records?
After successfully breaking records at the first two games of the Pan Arena Ice Fever 2013, Medvescak will continue to break more records with their beloved fans in the second part of this season's grand hockey spectacular. 
At the first game on Thursday, January 23rd against Atlant, the hope is for all fans to bring their fan scarves and to break the record for most fan scarves at a Medvescak game.
New at these three of Medvescak's games in January will be the MedoWall displayed on the scoreboard throughout the entire game, which will display all uploaded photos containing the #hashtag for each game. For photos to appear on the MedoWall the uploaded photo must be displayed openly/globally, and the #hashtag must be captioned before the photo is uploaded, and approved by the user for public use and display of his or her photo on the screen, internet, and Medvescak's profiles on social media. The winner will the photo that gets the most 'likes'.
On Saturday, Jan. 25th at the game against Lokomotiv, as part of Pan's campaign ''Let It Be Heard All The Way To Russia'', Medvescak's fans will attempt to break the record for the loudest stadium cheer, recorded at 126 decibels. 
At the final home game of the regular season and this year's Pan Arena Ice Fever on Jan. 27th against Severstal, fans will set the record for the 'bluest' atmosphere at a Medvescak game by wearing their team merchandise such as shirts jerseys, hats, and scarves and breaking the record for most Medvescak logos at a game.