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Arkalov: Nothing would go in

Reports 10.10.2016.
Arkalov: Nothing would go in

Another big match-up is behind Zagreb Bears. Russian giant, Dynamo Moscow welcomed them in their Ice Palace and after 60 minutes of a hard fought game, proved to be too strong for Medvescak’s shortened roster.

“Sometimes it happens. We had a big win in the last game, now we lost. We played good. Nothing would go in. We had a lot of chances, but they wouldn’t go in. Who knows had we scored first… Now we need a win,” Ilya Arkalov commented after the game.

The hosts opened the game in the seventh minute of the first period with a goal by Martins Karsums. In an even game by the end of first 20 minutes, they managed to score another goal on Niko Hovinen. Dynamo took advantage of Thomas Larkin’s penalty and doubled the lead going to first break.

“Congratulations to Dynamo for the three big points. The game of hockey is a game of mistakes. Tonight we paid for ours. Dynamo took advantage of our mistakes, they capitalized on their opportunities and that was the big difference in the hockey game. We had some chances as well, but just weren’t able to capitalize. But, our mistakes were apparent and made the difference,” Medvescak’s Head Coach Gordie Dwyer said.

Second period started with Dynamo’s quick goal, but despite a wide difference, guests did not surrender. Francis Pare made sure they don’t leave Moscow goalless when he skated to Alexander Yeryomenko’s net perfectly timed to put away captain Mike Glumac’s pass.

“Dynamo is a very good offensive team. Their D-men do an excellent job in transition and joining the rush. We felt we countered that pretty well,” coach Dwyer added.

After another late goal by the hosts, this time in the second period, Alexandre Giroux and Alexander Kuznetsov dropped the gloves.

In the last twenty minutes Medvescak kept the pressure, but not a single puck crossed Dynamo's goal line. On the other hand, Fyodorov and Tarasov punished one lost puck in Bears D zone for the 5:1 score.

Video source: www.khl.ru

In this short road trip there are two more stops for the Bears. On Wednesday, 12 October they move to a neighboring Podolsk where Vityaz will welcome them from 6:30 PM CEST.


KHL, VTB Ice Palace, Moscow


06:52 1-0 Karsums (Karpov)

19:25 2-0 Kuznetsov (Kokarev, Hietanen) PP1

20:41 3-0 Kokuyov (Cvetkov)

33:08 3-1 Pare (Parlett, Glumac)

38:21 4-1 Mironov (Kokarev, Igumnov)

48:26 5-1 Tarasov (Fyodorov)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 28 - 22

PENALTIES: 13 min – 23 min

HC DYNAMO MOSCOW: Yeryomenko,Lazushin, Tsvetkov, Karsums, Karpov, Hietanen, Mironov, Rybakov, Kokuyov, Sopin, Robinson, Osipov, Kokarev, Kuznetsov, Igumnov, Barantsev, Rylov, Kostin, Tarasov, Fyodorov, Shipov, Solovyov

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Hovinen, Smith, Hedberg, Genoway, Mertl, Bezina, Larkin, McMillan, Butler, Katic, Krejcik, Parlett, Glumac, Giroux, Pare, Perkovich, Sauve, Arkalov, Morrisonn