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Bears' modern timemachine

News 18.12.2015.
Bears' modern timemachine

Ice hockey renaissance or better said, the return of Medvesak to city's buzz began with the first EBEL season. Zagreb audience returned to the Ice Hall stands and again fell in love with the sport of ice hockey and in turn the Bears left them breathless by leaving their hearts out on the ice.

On the occasion of the 54th birthday of the club lets look back to 2009. There were many memorable moments, countless details that have been imprinted in the memories of fans and players and it may not be fair to pick just a few, because surely every fan has their favorite moment, favorite game. But through these ten videos let’s recall the most beautiful moments of Medvescak in the EBEL and the KHL.

The first game in the EBEL and a great victory (6:5) over Jesenice, by a shot of Robby Sandrock, 44 seconds before the end of the overtime have announced a new era.


Rink Salata and outdoor games 'under the stars’, have always retained a special place in the heart of every hockey fan, including the Bears.


One of those goals that you remember your whole life was scored by today's sports director of Medvescak, Aaron Fox.


Everyone knows the Bears have a big heart and are happy to take part in all humanitarian activities have long been known. In addition to participating in numerous actions they also took an active role in promoting the importance of taking care of one’s health by organizing "Pink October" and "Movember" in the Lair.


Bringing hockey to Arena Zagreb was a big spectacle, and the first time around is always most special.


One of the nicest humanitarian traditions the Bears have taken on will have a sequel this Christmas Eve in the Ice Hall.


To do something that's never been done and connect seemingly incompatible was quite a feat. Despite all the challenges, the ice hockey matches were played in a 20 centuries the old Roman amphitheater, on the Adriatic coast. Arena Ice Fever Pula MMXII


Red Bull Salzburg was a dangerous opponent, and then disappeared in a single game in just 69 seconds.


Unforgettable premiere of Medvescaka in big KHL. Medvescak 7. CSKA 1.


The first season in the KHL-in, except by great victories, will be remembered and upon entering the playoffs.


And a bonus video because such moves are not seen every day. From the most recent period, Medvescak’s third season in the KHL, a penalty shot by Colby Genoway left everyone amazed.

Video source: www.youtube.com