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Bears are Croatian champions for 19th time

News 14.03.2015.
Bears are Croatian champions for 19th time
The Bears have won their 19th Croatian championship title! Just like last year, they beat out Mladost in three games and quickly rocketed out of the series with 3-0. The first game ended in 7:2, then 6:5, and finally in 10:3.
''These were very fun and exciting finals. I’m proud to have been a part of them. This is my second senior title with Medvescak and I hope there will be a lot more to come'', said Medvescak’s goalie Mate Tomljenovic, who didn’t lose a single game in the playoffs, secured two wins in the semifinals against Zagreb, and now three in the finals against Mladost. 
Even though game two of the finals between Medvescak and Mladost was played a day before and ended in a close call, the Bears didn’t leave anything to chance in game three. They already had a convincing 9:2 lead by the 47th minute, and two minutes before the game was up they scored the final 10:3. Scoring for Medvescak in the last game of the finals were Nathan Perkovich with three goals, Mike Glumac (2), Domagoj Krivosic (2), Edwin Hedberg, and Jan Zizanovic.
''The whole team is incredibly happy and proud about defending the title. Mladost put up a good fight, which deserves respect, but unfortunately only one team can be number one'', said Perkovich, for whom this was his third playoffs in the Croatian Championship and third title with Medvescak, and added: 
''For me these playoffs in the Croatian Championship are something special because I have Croatian roots and regardless of the strength of the league, I’m happy and proud that these games marked my career.''