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Bears closer to playoffs with good game

Reports 22.01.2015.
Bears closer to playoffs with good game
Medvescak beat Dinamo Minks in their last home game before saying by to the Ice Hall for nearly a month. 
The Bears started the game with heavy pressure that resulted in an early lead by Edwin Hedberg scoring on goalie Lars Haugen in the 2nd minute. Bill Thomas and Mark Popovic assisted the goal. Thomas has been in great shape in the last little while as this was his 7th point in the last 8 games. The players from Belarus were ready to celebrate a tie right before the period was up, but the refs determined that time was up before the puck made it over the goal line. 
''At the end of the first period it seemed as though there was more time left on the timer when the ref called the period, so we were lucky that the goal didn't count because that helped us further. We stuck to our game plan. We did a good job today keeping Cheechoo in the stands, ha-ha. This is a very important game for us before we hit the road. Now we have a few days to relax, and then we have to hang on for our lives in the coming games'', said Coach Doug Shedden. 
In the 23rd minute Martin St. Pierre got 2+2 for high-sticking, but Dinamo didn't create any great chances during that time. In the 33rd, Medvescak doubled their lead. Andy Murray made a great pass to center ice, where Patrick Bjorkstrand took over and made an unstoppable shot into the corner of the net. The Bears didn't stop there, 4 minutes later they were at 3:0. James Wright did it all by himself – he grabbed hold of the puck, rushed toward Haugen, and took a slap shot right in the net. But the whirlwind period didn't end there, as Ville Leino made it 4:0 in the 40th minute. 
''We played a really good game today. We played especially well when they pressed us in our end. They're a very skilled team that can make great chances out of little errors. It's always easier when you score first, that's how we started today and it gave us momentum. We've been under pressure for three months now, so we've gotten used to it, and we're aware that these road games will be tough, but we have to win practically every game'', said Bjorkstrand.
In the 41st minute the Bears heard the post of their net ring, which was closer to scoring the other team got than in both the first two periods. In the 47th minute Dinamo finally got the puck past Cal Heeter. The power play goal was scored by former Bear Charles Linglet. The final 4:2 score was set by Oleg Goroshko in the 53rd minute.