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Bears defeat Jokerit again in Hartwall Arena

Reports 28.01.2015.
Bears defeat Jokerit again in Hartwall Arena
The first game, played in October last year, ended in 2:3, and now in January the Bears have gone a step further in Helsinki's Hartwall Arena. The second game between the two teams was played in Helsinki, and they only had one goal against and scored four times, and are now only five points away from eighth place in the West. 
The home team showed just how hard of a team they are and why they're in third place in the Western Conference right from the first period. The game was mostly played in Medvescak's end, and the shots on goal ratio was 12:4 for Jokerit. However, Zagreb's goalie rose to the challenge and the first 20 minutes went by without any goals. 
''We started the game out slow, but Heeter kept us in it the whole time with his incredible saves. In the second period our energy started to come out, we no longer felt the weight on our feet, and what's most important is that we used our chances. The two goals in the second period made the third period easier for us. Even though they pressed us in the final period, we managed to score two more goals and win three big points'', said Bill Thomas, who scored on Jokerit twice.
Early in the second period, in the 25th minute, while Mark Katic, who was back on the ice after a long absence due to injury, was just finishing up a two-minute penalty, Jokerit's best shooter Steve Moses used the home team's power play to put them in the lead. Jokerit's excitement barely lasted five minutes because the Bears quickly capitalized on a power play. In the 30th minute, just five seconds after Pelletier skated out of the box while Jokerit's Ryan Gunderson still had penalty time, forward James Wright put Medvescak back in the race for three points (1:1). Six minutes later Bill Thomas outsmarted Jokerit's goalie Karlsson who snuck up from behind the net and got the puck in.
''Jokerit have an explosive power play, but our penalty kill did a great job. This is another big win for us, and three big points since we're still fighting to make it to the playoffs. Jokerit is a great team and it's always nice to come back to Helsinki'', briefly stated Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden.
In the final period, despite Jokerit taking more shots on goal, the Bears kept their three pints until the very end as they got up to +2 in the 44th minute, and then put the cherry on top of the cake with a power play goal on an empty net in the 60th minute. The third goal, just like in the game played in Helsinki, was scored by Brandon Segal, while the final goal of the night came from Thomas.