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Bears end preseason with stellar game and 6:1 win

Reports 29.08.2014.
Bears end preseason with stellar game and 6:1 win
Medvescak's assistant coach Alan Letang said ahead of the final preseason game that "Somehow I feel that this will be our best preseason game". And it was. After losing to KAC in Klagenfurt, the Bears took revenge on  them in the Ferdo Spajic memorial game with a 6:1 victory.
"In previous games we created a lot of opportunities, but weren't able to carry them out. But in this game against KAC, the boys finished every opportunity that presented itself to them and I'm very proud of them. We played the first forty minutes of the game really well, then fell a bit in the first ten minutes of the last period, only to come back strong on our opponents in the last ten. We made a good impression in Dom Sportova, but we have to be even better in all aspects of the game against Slovan, from defence, neutral, and offensive zones, to powerplays and penalty kills", said Medvescak's coach Chuck Weber. 
Ahead of the game the fans, of whom there were nearly 4000 in Dom Sportova's stands, were presented Medvescak's entire KHL team, after which there was a minute of silence for the club's former president Ferdo Spajic. 
The Bears showed their dominance over their opponents from the frist period, and it continued into the remaining two. the first goal came in the 9th minute from Mathieu Carle. The goal fired up Medvescak's players who had no problem scoring four more goals in the second period - Andrew Murray, Martin St. Pierre, Mike Glumac, and Pascal Pelletier. In the final period KAC made a powerplay goal for 5:1, while the Bear quickly scored the final 6:1 thereafter.