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Bears fought hard, but mighty SKA took the points

News 29.09.2014.
Bears fought hard, but mighty SKA took the points
The KHL's top team, led by today's most expensive hockey player Ilya Kovalchuk, came to Dom Sportova. Before coming to Zagreb, the team from St. Petersburg accrued the maximum possible 30 points in their 10 games played thus far. That meant the Bears had their work cut out for them. They tried to surprise the mighty SKA, but weren't able to despite their detemination. 
''It showed why SKA have 11 wins and no losses. I liked how we went into the game, we played with energy and made powerplay opportunities, but then it showed why they're so dangerous – They only need a few chances to score, while on the other hand we had several opportunities but only managed to score once and missed on an empty net a couple of times, and this is a team against which you need to make the most of every opportunity. There were a couple of key moment in the game, such as scoring the 2:1 and not making use of SKA's player getting a five-minute penalty, and after those we stopped playing like we agreed'', said Medvescak's coach Chuck Weber.
Just as impressively as SKA started off the season, so too did Medvescak start off the game. Ericsson was sent to the box in the first minute, and then Matt Anderson delighted the Zagreb crowd. By the 7th minute SKA tied the game in a powerplay (Thoresen), and then scored four more times before the game was over (Shipachev, Martensson 2, Dadonov) . Mark Katic was pronounced the Lion Heart player of the game.