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Bears get a point in Cherepovets

Reports 11.02.2015.
Bears get a point in Cherepovets
The Bears kicked off their final road trip of the regular season with a point against Severstal. The game in Cherepovets was decided in a shootout, and the 4:3 win went to the home team.
''Both teams fought to increase their chances of making it to the playoffs. We can't be, and aren't, happy with one point because it has brought us further from the playoffs. We're disappointed. But, generally speaking, in the time between Christmas and now we've been playing really well and tried really hard, but clearly it was too late'', said Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden.
No period went by without any goals in Cherepovets, and the first two were mark by disciplinary penalties. First a players from Cherepovets got a two-minute penalty for elbowing, five for head butting, and a game misconduct in the 8th minute, and then Medvescak's forward Ville Leino got a game misconduct penalty in the 13th minute. One minute after Leino was taken out of the game, while the Bears still had a powerplay, Bill Thomas, Andrew Hutchinson, and James Wright outplayed the home team's defence and secured the lead. Thomas and Hutchinson made the assists, while Wright scored the goal. 
''The game was tight. We had too many penalties, but we stayed in the game until the end. We started out slow, but as the game went on we got better and put more pressure on their defence. Unfortunately, the shootout is always a lottery and we didn't get lucky'', briefly commented Edwin Hedberg. 
Nevertheless, the period didn't end in 0:1. In the 20th minute Maksim Trunyov made use of a powerplay to tie it up, and then in the second period Severstal turned things around twice. Anatoly Nikontsev scored for 2:1 in the 28th minute, and then Bill Thomas brought everything back to the beginning two minutes later, until Nikolay Kazakovcev put the home team back in the lead in the 34th minute. In the final period the Bears tied the game once more thanks to a goal from team captain Andrew Murray. The game went into overtime, and then to a shootout in which the home team had more luck. The winning goal came from Dmitri Kagarlitsky. 
''We played well, but unfortunately not well enough to win. We're disappointed because we've stepped our game up in the last while. We expected and wanted these three points'', stated Mark Katic.