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Bears kick off 2014-15 season with win

EBYSL news 31.08.2014.
Bears kick off 2014-15 season with win
Medvescak's U20 team started the 2014-15 EBYSL season with a 5:2 win on home ice against HC TWK Innsbruck.
The Bears headed for victory from the first period. In the 7th minute Ivan Jankovic assisted Marko Sakic, and then in the 14th Matija Milicic and Robert Cerovecki set up the puck for Luka Jarcov who slammed it behind Manuel Litterbach's back.
The shots on goal ratio in the first 20 mintues was 17:5 for Medvescak, and then it evened out in the second period at 15:14 for the Bears, primarily because Innsbruck had an extra player on three times. Nevertheless, Medvescak's goalie Ivan Ruzic kept the net untouched during each penalty kill. In the 38th minute Luka Novak took care of 3:0. One minute later Innsbruck's Dominique Saringer reduced the point gap to 3:1, followed in the 45th minute by Andreas Strobl putting Medvescak's juniors in a dangerous 3:2 situation. However, goalie Ruzic held it down and Ivan Jankovic and Luka Novak each scored a goal in the 60th minute and made sure that the points stay in Zagreb. 
The Bears play their next game on August 6th against Olimpija at the Velesajam skating rink.