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Bears mark 100th KHL game

News 22.12.2014.
Bears mark 100th KHL game
Tonight (Monday, 8PM), the Bears play their last KHL game of 2014 against Neftehimik from Nizhnekamsk. Since the game is being held just three days before Christmas, Zagreb’s Bears will be having their inaugural ‘Blue Xmas 365’ Christmas fair right outside of the Ice Hall in Dom Sportova. Of course, who kind of a Medvescak Christmas fair would it be without a charitable side? Last month Medvescak kicked off the ‘Give Christmas to Someone Who Might Only Dream of It!’ with the slogan ‘We want Medvescak’s Christmas to last all 365 days of the year!’, and that’s why all proceeds from Medvescak’s mini ‘Blue Xmas 365’ fair will be donated to provide children with warm breakfasts in schools across Croatia so that no child will go hungry until the end of the school year. In the past season and a half, during the time it took to play these 100 games, Medvescak’s fans have had the opportunity to enjoy some truly top notch hockey inside the Den and to witness some spectacular action, goals, and some of the world’s best players. 
The mini Christmas fair at Medvescak's 100th KHL game is not the only thing making this game special. Medvescak's 100th KHL game also happens to be Bill Thomas’ 100th game in the Medvescak jersey, which means that Thomas, who joined the club when it joined the KHL, hasn’t missed a single game so far, and has earned 51 points in the first 99 he played. In the past season and a half he didn’t miss out on a single game due to injury or illness, never once complained about being tired, and according to the club’s masseuses he’s never asked for a massage for as long as they’ve known him. This definitely requires a bit of luck, but a huge part of such phenomenal stats includes the willingness and heart that Thomas shows on the ice with Medvescak. In order to make these two anniversaries significant to everyone rather than just Medvescak’s fans and visitors, the club will be donating one warm meal for each of Medvescak’s 100 games and each of Bill Thomas’ 100 games, making a total of 200 warm meals for children in schools across Croatia. 
Along with making purchases and donations at the mini Christmas fair, fans will also be able to join this charitable cause in another way. In order to show their gratitude and congratulate Bill Thomas for his unbelievable continuity and fight in Medvescak's jersey in his first 100 games, fans will be able to text greetings to the number 647647 that will show up on the Jumbotron inside, and all text message proceeds will be donated to provide warm meals in school. In order for everyone inside the venue to see the content of the message, fans must include the word Thomas100 in their text. 
Come to Medvescak's 100th game, enjoy the Christmas fair, top hockey, and help students. See you there!