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Bears play good game, win second place at Straubing tournament

Reports 17.08.2014.
Bears play good game, win second place at Straubing tournament
The Bears won second place at the tournament in Straubing. The 3:1 win in the final game went to the Panthers. 
Medvescak, who had Barry Brust on net, was better at 5-on-5 situations. However, in the 11th and 13th minutes during Shawn Belle and Mathieu Carle's two-minute penalties Augsburg made the most of having more players on and made it 2:0. The first powerplay goal came from Ivan Ciernik, and the second from Brady Lamb.
''The  team played hard. I thought we dominated the puck control even strength and pushed to the end. We had a number of quality chances 5-on-5 and on power play. We just failed to finish. It was another preformance where the team made steps moving forward. I know the boys are excited to get  back to Zagreb get a little rest and resume training'', said Medvescak's coach Chuck Weber.
In the second period the Bears frequently found themselves in the opponent's zone and attacked, but despite demonstrating a good game, the puck never made it past Markus Keller. On the other hand, the Panthers had more luck and scored their third goal in a counterattack in the 25th minute (Mike Connolly).
In the final period Augsburg's players had a great opportunity to score in the 49th minute. They were playing 5-on3 for 54 seconds while Nathan Perkovich and Sasa Martinovic were out for two minutes. However, Brust stop every attempt that was made by the opponents, and in the 56th minute Keller's net was rattled. Matt Anderson scored for the Bears, assisted by Brock Trotter and Darren Haydar.