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Bears score two goals in final two minutes

Reports 08.09.2014.
Bears score two goals in final two minutes
The Bears were met with a tough challenge in Kazan in their game against two-time KHL champions Ak Bars, and the points once again remained with the home team (4:2). Despite the loss, Medvescak's players fine-tuned their powerplay and penalty kill. Even though they had 37 penalty minutes, they were never scored on during penalty kills, and the two times they scored were shorthanded powerplay goals.
Ak Bars set up their game and tempo in the first period. They mostly played in Medvescak's end, while the home team's defence kept the Bears at bay from their net. In the 6th minute forward Aleksander Burmistrov put Ak Bars in the lead. In the 11th and 20th minutes the Bears were down a player, and in the 15th minute they had two guys off the ice (St. Pierre, Mezei). Despite that, they managed to fend off during both the 5-on-4 and 5-on-3 situations.
''It's hard to comment on anything at the moment. I'm not happy with how we played. We have to be better in our next game. Ak Bars played faster, they outplayed us and capitalized on their opportunities'', said Coach Chuck Weber. 
In the second period Ak Bars kept dominating. The Bears staved off attacks until the 35th minute, but that was when Dmitrij Obuhov made the score 2:0, and then a minute later Ilya Nikulin took it to 3:0.
''When we started falling behind Ak Bars, we started falling apart a little. We have to play all sixty minutes, we have to be more disciplined and organized. Only once we scored that first goal near the end of the game did we start playing our game'', said Darren Haydar. 
In the final period the Bears tried to reduce the point gap. After 4:0, which was set in the 53rd minute by Aleksander Svitov, two goals came back to back in the closing two minutes for the final 4:2 score. The shooters were Andrew Hutchison and Mike Glumac.
Photo: Ak Bars