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Bears strike back in lead up to KHL spectacle in Zagreb!

Announcements 28.08.2014.
Bears strike back in lead up to KHL spectacle in Zagreb!
After a cold shower was handed to them by Austria's EC KAC on Wednesday with a 7:3 defeat in a friendly match in Klagenfurt, Zagreb's Bears will have the opportunity to take revenge on their former EBEL rivals during the Ferdo Spajic memorial game on Friday at 6PM in Dom Sportova's Ice Hall. This is the type of situation that always saw the Bears bounce back in previous seasons and show their winning mentality, despite how much the team may have changed. 
"Austria's KAC may have taken the win last night in Klagenfurt, but they didn't take our heart and courage. I'm sure that last night's score will fuel our desire to win this time even more. Of course, our team will have extra motivation from our home fans, who we are presenting ourselves in front of for the first time in our Den", said Medvescak's forward Andrew Murray. 
Fans at the Ferdo Spajic memorial game, which starts at 6 PM on Friday in Dom Sportova, will have a third reason to get excited about. Aside from seeing Medvescak's KHL team for the first time this season, and from having the pleasure of reviving old memories from their biggest former EBEL rivals KAC, fans will have the opportunity to meet their icy heroes  before and after the game at on 'Medvescak's track' at the athletics entrance of Dom Sportova. Just ahead of the game itself, there will be a presentation of Medvescak's KHL team for this season's championship.