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Bears win point against Moscow giants

News 15.01.2015.
Bears win point against Moscow giants
The Bears hosted Dinamo Moscow in the Den and played a tight game against them for the second time this season, with the winner once again determined after the 60th minute. One point went to Zagreb's boys and two to Dinamo.
''Congratulations to Dinamo, they're a fun team to watch. I'm proud of the way our team played, the players worked hard, sacrificed themselves, and did all the little things they were supposed to. Heeter's in good shape too, and I'm satisfied. The only thing we have to do is stay clear of penalties'', said Coach Doug Shedden.
The Bears started the game off strong and controlled the puck most of the time, not allowing Moscow's players any dangerous opportunities, not even when Dinamo had a powerplay. In the 9th minute the Bears took the lead thanks to St. Pierre. Hutchison took a slap shot from the blue line, Sharichenkov briefly stopped the puck, which landed on the ice behind him, and St. Pierre didn't have a hard time getting it in the empty net. Zagreb, however, didn't manage to keep the lead until the end of the first period, as Karpov got the puck in the net during a crowding in the crease in the 18th minute. In that same minute Babenko put Dinamo in the lead. 
''We played a great game against one of the best teams in the league, and I'm proud of us. We earned a very valuable point and we're still in the running for the playoffs. If we play like this in our remaining games, we're going to win most of them. The next game, against Sochi, is very important for us because they're ahead of us'', said Popovic. 
After an assist in the first part, Hutchinson found himself in the lead role in the 28th minute with a fantastic powerplay goal that tied up the game. The game kept going well for Medvescak, with Leino taking a powerful shot in the 33rd minute that rebounded toward him and saw him effortlessly make his way around the goalie and put Medvescak back in the lead. However, similar to the end of the first period, Karpov made it 3:3 in the 39th minute, creating added pressure for the final period. 
In the final 20 minutes the game picked up its pace, but the result remained 3:3. Dinamo's best shooter, Kaspars Daugavinsh made use of a powerplay in the 63rd minute, and secured Dinamo's second point.