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Beaudoin coming, Owuya staying, Trotter leaving

News 17.12.2014.
Beaudoin coming, Owuya staying, Trotter leaving
After three days of rest, the Bears are going to be seeing a new face at their first practice. We're talking about 6'4 Canadian forward Eric Beaudoin, who will be premiering in the KHL. As well as signing a contract with Beaudoin, the club has also extended the contract of goalie Mark Owuya, who was on a professional tryout period. 
''Beaudoin is coming for the remainder of the season, and if he proves himself in that period, the club will have the option to keep him for next season. Eric has played for Shedden at two Spengler Cups, and has been a very good import in the Swiss A for the past few seasons. He brings a very good two-way game and despite his height he has a good scoring touch, and I hope that he will help give us a push in the Spengler Cup as well as the rest of the season'', said Medvescak’s sports director Aaron Fox. 
Eric Beaudoin was born in 1980 in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada). He plays left wing and center. In 1998 he was Tampa Bay Lightning's the 92nd pick at the NHL Draft. He played his first pro season in '00-01 for the AHL's Louisville Panthers, and premiered in the NHL in '01-02 with the Florida Panthers. Aside from the two Panthers, Beaudoin also played for the AHL's Utah Grizzlies, San Antonio Rampage, Edmonton Road Runners, England's Newcastle Vipers, Jokerit and HPK (both Liiga), Mora, Linkoping, Rogle (SHL), Straubing Tigers (DEL), and Biel (NLA). He performed in the Spengler Cup three times first with Mora in '06-07, and then in '11-12 and '13-14 with Team Canada under Doug Shedden's instruction. Throughout his professional career he's played 53 games in the NHL (11 points), 253 in the AHL (140 points), 280 in the SHL (136 points), 143 in the NLA (88 points), and 10 in DEL (5 points). 
Goalie Mark Owuya impressed during his professional tryout period and Medvescak has offered him a contract until the end of the season. If Owuya proves himself further in that period, he will have the possibility of staying next season.
With the arrival of Eric Beaudoin, the club bids farewell to forward Brock Trotter, who played 16 games (6 points), and would like to thank him for his contributions to the club. 
''With Beaudoin's arrival we've decided to say thanks to Trotter, who will continue the season in another KHL club'', said Fox.