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Bill Thomas - Mister 100%

News 23.12.2014.
Bill Thomas - Mister 100%
As of Monday, Medvescak has a Mister 100% - Bill Thomas. Out of the 100 games that Medvescak has played in the KHL so far, Medvescak's forward didn't watch a single one from the stands, not because of an injury nor for any other reason!
''I knew I hadn't missed a single game, but I wasn't sure what number I was at until they told me. I like the symbolism, mine and the club's one hundred. The club's hundredth game in the KHL is a meaningful thing'', said Medvescak's number 9, who earned 51 points in 100 games (20 goals, 31 assists), and revealed that:
''My streak of played games actually began in the season before I came to Medvescak. I played 76 in a row. The streak has been going on for quite a little while (smile).''
So, what's Steel Bill's secret? How does he manage to avoid injuries like that?
''Well, I still get bruises and hits, but fortunately, I've never gotten a serious injury. We have a good medical team that tends to us quickly if we get hurt. Last season I played with an injured shoulder for almost half the season. That was a little tough, but... I don't like to miss games. Actually, we all fight hard. All of us hockey players play games half injured and only leave the game if it's something serious.''
Of the 100 games, Thomas' favourite was the first one, the premiere in the KHL, in which the Bears beat the mighty CSKA 7:1. 
''That was a big win for us, and the most memorable game that we played. With that, the shootout win against SKA in Zagreb was also really exciting.''
And the worst?
''The last game of the playoffs last season against Lev. We fought hard, but in the end we lost the game and the quarterfinals (0-4). That was hard.''
Thomas then mentioned the Spengler Cup that the Bears have ahead of them Dec. 24-31 in Davos. 
''That's going to be an incredible experience. All of the players will play top hockey in Davos, with the best in Europe, and in the world actually, while at the same time we'll get to spend quality time with our families off the ice. Our main goal is to play well and win the Spengler Cup as much as we want to make it into the KHL playoffs.''