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Bjorkstrand: Hockey is fast game, score can change any moment

Announcements 08.09.2014.
Bjorkstrand: Hockey is fast game, score can change any moment
A new day, a new opportunity for points. The Bears have left what happened in Bratislava and Yekaterinburg aside and are focused on one thing, two-time former KHL champions Ak Bars. Today will be the third faceoff between the Bears and the Snow Leopards in these two seasons, and the second in Kazan in the TatNeft Arena. Last season's win/loss ratio was 1:1. 
''We have a challenging game ahead of us. This won't be nice hockey because we both need points. Their advantage will be the bigger rink dimensions and their fans, but we're going to stick to our game system. For now we haven't changed anything in our game, the strategy remains the same. In the last game we should have earned at least a point, if not two. There are a lot of things we did right in that game, but of course, there are some thing we still need to work on. We have to be more solid as a team'', said Patrick Bjorkstrand.
Last season the young Danish forward managed to trick Ak Bars' defence twice and scored both times on the two-time KHL champions, once in Kazan and once in Zagreb. Maybe he continues the streak this season?
''I hope that I'll be able to help the boys offensively in any way. But, right now my role is more defensive. We have six top forwards, and powerplay, we are very capable and can score goals, and our defense will have to block the opponents. Hockey is a fast game in which the score can change at any moment, so you have to be ready for surprises.''