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Brust: SKA have no weak spots

Announcements 07.10.2014.
Brust: SKA have no weak spots
The further we get through October, the more points the Bears gather. In the last two games, at home against Dinamo Riga and in Helsinki against Jokerit, they got two consecutive wins and grabbed the max possible six points. 
''That was a big win for us. Jokerit is an incredible team and it wasn't easy to get to the points, and it's also hard to play in their stadium. We're going to try and continue this winning streak until the end of this trip, although it won't be easy at all'', said goalie Barry Brust. 
The game against Jokerit was a big test for the Bears in which they showed that they're capable of so much more, of being much higher in the standings than they currently are. The three points they snatched up in Helsinki will make things a bit easier for their game in St. Petersburg on Wednesday (5:30PM). That will be the third faceoff between Medvescak and SKA in ten days. Early last week SKA visited Zagreb twice and in both games the points went to one of the league's most expensive teams. 
''We expect a great performance from SKA, especially because they're playing in front of their fans. This is about a team that has no weak points, but they've lost once, which means they're not undefeatable. But, we can't focus on those things. What's important is that we focus on ourselves, our game, our plan, and on what we can do better and to play with simplicity and as a team.''