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Business reception “Hockey connects business” to be held in Moscow

News 13.10.2015.
Business reception “Hockey connects business” to be held in Moscow

While Medvescak’s first team is traveling around Russia and is diligently acquiring new points to improve their position in the standings, Medvescak’s management has been active as well. Organized by the KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB in partnership with the Embassy of Republic of Croatia in the Russian Federation and the Representation of the Croatian Chamber of Economy in the Russian Federation, a business reception will be held in Moscow for Croatian businessmen living and working in the Russian Federation. The reception is being organized with the intention of presenting opportunities to promote Croatian and international companies in the Russian market through sports competitions, namely through appearances of KHL MEDVESCAK in the Kontinental Hockey League.

“Drawing on the experience of our current partners, especially Podravka, we believe that Medvescak, as a successful and internationally recognized sports team, particularly in Russia, a great ambassador for the promotion of Croatian companies on the Russian market through the placement of products and services, but also by connecting with local businessmen who support other clubs in the KHL Championship. This is our first meeting of this type with our businessmen with a Russian address and I expect a high quality and successful discussion on possible cooperation," the President of Medvescak Zagreb Damir Gojanovic said announcing this event.

This business meeting organized in Moscow in a logical sequence to a business meeting between Croatian and Finnish businessmen organized by KHL medvescak in Zagreb, in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland and the Croatian Chamber of Economy. KHL Medvescak started a cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy last year in an attempt to promote the Croatian economy through actions in economic diplomacy which Medvescak has been successfully carrying out through sports.

Photo: KHL