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Carle: Defeating Lada is imperative

Announcements 19.09.2014.
Carle: Defeating Lada is imperative
The Bears didn't grab hold of the win on Thursday night against CSKA in the Ice Hall of Dom Sportova, but they played a tough and tight game. It was some good hockey. The desire for three points resonated throughout the stadium. But, the opponent, which represents a Russian hockey institution, was too strong. 
''I hope that we learned something from the loss to CSKA and that we play all sixty minutes of future games with the same strength. We have to create opportunities, make use of them, and play all sixty minutes, those are the changes we have to make. If we do that, we're going to start winning more games'', said defenseman Mathieu Carle. 
The Bears have won one of the seven games they've played so far, the game against Severstal. But nothing is lost yet. It's only the beginning of the season and there are still many, many games to go until the end of the regular season. There will be more victories and losses. Maybe they'll land three new points on Sunday (6PM) in the Ice Hall against Lada Togliatti, the Russian club that returned to the KHL after four seasons. The team from Togliatti has played five games so far, and won two of them in overtime. 
''We haven't played against Lada yet since they just came back to the KHL this season, but as we all know, there are no bad teams in this league and everyone can beat anyone. After a great game against CSKA and the unfortunate loss, winning on Sunday is imperative for us and that's how we're going to present ourselves. We want to win that game. We've lost a few so far and it's time to play focused for the full sixty minutes and win. The key to winning on Sunday will be a solid game, concentration, and avoiding errors at the blue line'', said Carle.