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Carle secures point with 41 seconds left in Nizhnekamsk

Reports 24.10.2014.
Carle secures point with 41 seconds left in Nizhnekamsk
The Bears have finished their road trip across Eastern Russia. In their final game, played in Nizhnekamsk, they lost to 4:3 to Neftehimik in a shootout. However, they're not coming back to Zagreb empty-handed, instead they have six points – two against Yugra, three against Traktor, and one against Neftehimik. 
''You don't want to be losing 3:0 against any team in this league. Unfortunately, that happened against Neftehimik, but we showed character by getting back in the game and tying it. The win can always go either way in a shootout. It's like a lottery, sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. But, if you look at the big picture and consider all four road games, we have to be happy because we're coming home with six points'', commented Mike Glumac. 
Neftehimik's players laid on three goals by the 24th minute (Bjelov 10th min, Eronen 11th, Stapleton 24th), but that didn't frighten the Bears. The third goal just pushed them to press the home team and, despite trailing so far behind, to catch up to them. In the 26th minute Bill Thomas made it 3:1, followed by 3:2 in the 37th minute thanks to Pascal Pelletier, until 41 seconds before the game was up Mathieu Carle secured a point to start, and then the fight for another one in overtime. Since overtime didn't determine who would get that second point, the game went into a shootout and Neftehimik won it. 
Photo: Neftehimik Nizhnekamsk