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Cheechoo is best player, Martinovic heartiest, Bjorkstrand is year's hope

News 15.03.2014.
Cheechoo is best player, Martinovic heartiest, Bjorkstrand is year's hope
The Bears 'played' this season's final game on Saturday afternoon in Dom Sportova. The game was played with their fans, who supported them throughout the entire season in the Kontinental Hockey League. Fans got to hang out with the Bears on and off the ice, skate with them, take pictures, and get some autographs...
At the start of the gathering, the Bears skated out onto Dom Sportova's ice in full form for the last time in the 2013-14 season and greeted everyone in attendance. Medvescak's fan club Sektor B then handed out their annual awards for the season's best player, best young hopeful, and heartiest player, which carries the name ''Keeper of the Bear Den''.
Sektor B selected Medvescak's forward Jonathan Cheechoo as the seasons' best player, picked Patrick Bjorksrand as the best young player/year's biggest hope, and the fans decided that the 2013-14 season's most heartfelt player is Sasa Martinovic.
After Sektor B's awards were given out, Medvescak' prizes for the best grown moustache by a 'moustache team' from Medvescak's 1st Bearstache Challenge in November were given out. There were five 'moustache teams', each made up of one player and one fan: Sticks & Staches (Mark Katic & Vitomir Lucic), Undercover Brothers (Mark Dekanich & Marko Gabud), Magic Bears (Sasa Martinovic i Bruno Grosic), The Ice Stars (Luke Walker & Marko Radanovic), The Truckers (Matt Murley i Jakov Perkovic). First place went to Mark Dekanich and Marko Gabud, second place went to Mark Katic and Vitomir Lucic, third to Luke Walker and Mark Radanovic, fourth to Sasa Martinovic and Bruno Grosic, and fifth to MattMurley and Jakov Perkovic. Prizes for the best 'moustache team' were handed out by Ognjen Veres Buco. 
The event included a closed skate for members of Medvescak's Kids Club.