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Cheechoo scores and Kurtis assists in KHL All Star Game!

News 11.01.2014.
Cheechoo scores and Kurtis assists in KHL All Star Game!
Bratislava and the Slovnaft Arena were the center of a true hockey spectacle this Saturday: the 6th edition of the KHL All Star Game! Warm-up for the All Star began on Friday with the game of Legends, and on Saturday afternoon before the main event, the East and West teams showed off their speed, technique, and creativity in the skills competition. The Western team, on which Medvescak's players Jonathan Cheechoo and Kurtis foster competed, won the skill challenge 4:3, and also won the match itself 18:16. Team West repeated the score from the All Star Game in 2011, except that it was the East that celebrated then. 
''It's nice to be a part of something like this, and a couple of us in the locker room reminisced about the NHL days. I shared the locker room with Ozolinsh when I played for the San Jose Sharks'', said Cheechoo, who scored in the 4th minute and got an assist in the 59th, and then compared the KHL and NHL All Star Games:
''The guys try to pull off some unusual things that they wouldn't normally do during the championship games here too.''
Defenseman Kurtis Foster got an assist, and won the skill challenge for the West with an outstanding shot. Its speed was 157.86 km/hr.
''The game isn't typical in a match like this, but it's fun. It's a nice feeling to be a part of it. This is one of the best days of my life. I played in the AHL All Star Game, but doing it in the NHL or the KHL is something else. I won't forget this day'', said Foster.
In order to ensure that the West had even more to celebrate, their mascots also won the mascot competition.