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Christian Engstrand debuts in the Bears jersey

Reports 27.08.2014.
Christian Engstrand debuts in the Bears jersey
After over a week off from preseason games, the Bears took on Klagenfurt on Wednesday in their second-last test ahead of the 2014-15 KHL season. The game in the City Arena ended in EC-KAC's favour, with young goalie Christian Engstrand having his first performance as one of the Bears. The Swede joined the team just last week, and coach Chuck Weber wanted him to have the opportunity to play a game before the start of the season.
The first goal on Klagenfurt's ice came in the 6th minute, with Martin St. Pierre securing a lead for the Bears. Three minutes later KAC tied the game, and then turned the score around to 2:1 in the 14th minute. In the second period the home team scored another two goals before the 34th minute, while in the 36th minute Anthony Stewart brought the Bears up to 4:2. At the start of the third period, in the 47th minute, St. Pierre brought the Bears just a point behind KAC. However, in the last nine minutes of the game KAC's players scored laid on another three goals and secured the win. 
On Friday, August 29th, the Bears have a Ferdo Spajic memorial game, which will serve as their final test. They will host KAC in the Ice Hall of Dom Sportova.