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Coaching trioFedorchuk-Ratej-Mohoric together again this season

Transfers 28.07.2014.
Coaching trioFedorchuk-Ratej-Mohoric together again this season
Medvescak's coaching staff for the 2014-15 season is finalized. Assisting head coach Chuck Weber will be Alan Letang, as we've already announced, along with additional assistant coaches Dean Fedorchuk and Ivo Ratej Jr., and goalie coach Klemen Mohoric. 
Forty-three-year-old Canadian Dean Fedorchuck first joined the Bears as an assistant coach in the 2013-14 season when Zagreb's club was accepted into the KHL. Before coming to Medvescak he spent two years working as a scout for the NHL's Winnipeg Jets, and was the head coach of Odense in Denmark's premier league (from 2008-2010) as well as the head coach of the Straubing Tigers in Germany's primary league (2010-11).
Ivo Ratej has spent the past three seasons, two in EBEL and one in the KHL, as one of Medvescak's assistant coaches. In 2004 and 2005 he was the assistant coach for the U18 Croatian national team, and then for the senior team in 2013 and 2014. 
Klemen Mohoric is a former goalie and Slovenian national team member who turned to coaching in 2011-12. He had his first experience coaching former EBEL members HK Jesenice, and has been with Medvescak since 2013-14, but has also worked with team at times before that. 
Upon the announcement that the old coaching trio is staying together along with the new coach, Medvescak's director of athletics Aaron Fox said that:
''It's great to have Fedorchuk back as our first assistant coach this season. I believe he played a key role in helping Mark French adapt to the European game last year, and I feel he will help Chuck Weber adapt the same way this season. Ratej Jr. and Mohoric will also both be returning. I think that both of them made big steps last year, learned a lot, and are excited for even more responsibilities this season.''