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Colourful cocktails in the Den

News 24.10.2016.
Colourful cocktails in the Den

During the last home game in October, Medvescak fans once again showed their big heart and, while enjoying refreshing cocktails made by Nekic Barology Cocktail Studio, helped support breast cancer fight.

Zvonimir Lovrencic, former Bear and today an experienced cocktail master, member of Nekic Barology team, with a help from some handy barmen made sure to bring some colour to the stands and harmonious flavors to the palate of everyone present.

“We were positively surprised and very satisfied with the success of this action. Sasa Lovrenscak and I decided to pursue this project because we honestly wanted to help those who are affected with this illness and draw attention to the importance of caring for health. We are thrilled with the reaction of people,” Lovrencic said.

Medvescak players Bobby Butler, Tom Zanoski, Niko Hovinen and Ilya Arkalov helped with preparation of creative combinations, first only by shyly observing and later on by confidently mixing various ingredients.

Project was a success with around 1000 cocktails mixed. A positive atmosphere was created, barmen enjoyed mixing cocktails on demand, our players learned something new, and everyone contributed to breast cancer fight. Fans, always willing to help, join humanitarian projects and try something new, willingly responded and showed that health is something most valuable we have.

With this, another Pink October in the Den came to an end. But don’t forget, caring for health does not start and finish with (Pink) October, but lasts all 365 days a year.

Photo: Igor Soban/Pixsell