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Come cheer on the Bears against Jokerit and Dinamo Riga

News 24.01.2015.
Come cheer on the Bears against Jokerit and Dinamo Riga
The KHL is only a month away from the end of the regular season. During that time Medvescak will play 10 more games, 8 away and 2 at home. The last two regular season games in Dom Sportova's Ice Hall will be played in late February, on the 20th (7:30PM) against Dinamo Riga and the 22nd (6PM) against Jokerit from Helsinki. 
Tickets for February home games go on sale on Wednesday January 28th at noon at all Ticketshop vendor locations (see directory) and online at www.ticketshop.hr
Tickets cost 50 HRK for the stands and 75 for ICE tickets.
02/22/2015 (6:00PM) KHL Medvescak Zagreb – Jokerit Helsinki
The club's partner Citroen has worked with Medvescak and Ticketshop to provide all fans with no service charges for tickets purchased online at www.ticketshop.hr. Tickets purchased online cost 50 HRK for stands and 75 HRK for ICE tickets. Family packages (one adult + one child ticket) cost 50 HRK online. 
Offer valid for customers who select the pick up or [email protected] options, while customers who select home delivery are subject to shipping and handling fees.
Child tickets
Children under the age of 7 have free entry. A child ticket can be requested with the purchase of an adult ticket. Child tickets are available online in the family package which contains two tickets (1 adult + 1 child). Family package costs 50 HRK.
Reminder: Free child tickets are intended only for children under the age of 7. Any misuse of tickets not only incurs losses for the club, but is also against federal Croatian law. 
Tickets for persons with disabilities
Persons with disabilities are entitled to free tickets. The person accompanying someone in a wheelchair or with limited mobility is also entitled to a free ticket. The number of free tickets for persons with disabilities is limited.
Persons with disabilities can claim their free tickets at the Dom Sportova ticket counter just ahead of game start time and upon presentation of disability documentation.