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Croatia fourth on the World Championship

News 19.04.2015.
Croatia fourth on the World Championship
Croatian national ice hockey team ended up fourth on the IIHF World Championship Division 1B in the Netherlands.
''We know that we played against strong teams and the fact that we had injury problems does not console us. We wanted to make one step more. We came to Eindhoven with a big goal but unfortunately we did not succeed in its realization. I believe that we will learn a lot from this experience and that next year we will be better and stringer'', said a bit dissapointed Medveščak player Nathan Perkovich who scored four goals and had two assists during the Championship.
In Croatian team most effective were Medveščak players Andrew Murray with 8 points (3 goals, 5 assists) and Nathan Perkovich with 6 points (4 goals, 2 assists) while the ex-Medveščak player Ryan Kinasewich also scored 6 points (4 goals, 2 assists).
South Korea won the gold medal, Great Britain silver and Lithuania bronze.