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Curse is lifted – Leino & Trotter score and break spell

News 21.10.2014.
Curse is lifted – Leino & Trotter score and break spell
Two of Medvescak' phoenixes, Ville Leino and Brock Trotter, have risen once again! One was tangled due to a variety of circumstances, specifically playing in the Buffalo Sabres' third or fourth line (Leino) in the NHL, while the other was marred by injuries (Trotter). However, both curses were lifted last night in Chelyabinsk against Traktor...
First to prove his keen sense for scoring was the Finnish 'beast', and shortly after that so did the player who in '10-11 played for Dinamo Riga and scored one of the most incredible goals in KHL history. 
''It's true, I haven't scored in a really long time. But that was in the NHL, and the KHL is quite different from the NHL. A lot of time went by and lots of things didn't go my way, but I know that I'm still capable of scoring. I feel like I scored easily in the game against Traktor and I'm happy. It's a big deal that we beat Traktor, and this is just a part of our goal of making it to the playoffs, so we have to keep on collecting points and building on our game'', said Leino.
Source: www.khl.ru (Media is free to be used and reproduced with proper source reference!)
Aside from breaking free of their same fates on the same day, in the same game, during the same period, there is another interesting link between Leino and Trotter. They both scored two goals in their last games before came the big dry spell. On March 30th 2013, Leino tore up the Washington Capitals' net twice (Buffalo lost 3:4 in a shootout), while on April 5th 2012 Trotter, wearing a St. John's IceCaps jersey, scored on the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (IceCaps won 2:1 in overtime). 
''It's hard to give a brief answer about everything I went through during the period I wasn't playing. I tried getting back on the ice several times. I went through different types of therapies, but overall, during what was a really long time for me, my family and friends and then in the final stages Medvescak were hugely supportive. Scoring in my third game back was very important for me! My linemates found me at the right time and I managed to score. It felt phenomenal, and it was even better that it helped get a hard fought road win'', revealed Trotter about his impressions of the game between Medvescak and Traktor.
Source: www.khl.ru (Media is free to be used and reproduced with proper source reference!)
Everything will be easier now for Leino and Trotter. The two hungry Bears finally lifted heavy weights off their shoulders, finally broke the curse, and tasted a little 'meat'. The next game on the Russian tour will be on Wednesday (10/22) against Lada Togliatti, while the home crowd will support them on Dom Sportova's ice on October 28th when they host Sibir.