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Dario Kostovic in the Den for another season

Transfers 19.07.2014.
Dario Kostovic in the Den for another season

Dario Kostovic remains with the Bears for fourth consecutive season. The Split, Croatia native arrived to the Den in the 2011-12 season. In his first two seasons, while Medvescak was still part of EBEL, he played 108 games in the blue jersey and earned 21 points.  Last season he debuted in the KHL with Medvescak and made two assists in the four games he played. Throughout the past three seasons he performed in the Croatian Championship playoffs (8 games, 9 points).

In 2014 Kostovic became a member of the Croatian national ice hockey team. He debuted in the checkered jersey in April at the World Championship Division I Group B in Lithuania, and won silver with the rest of the team, securing their place in the division. He was given the role of Team Captain at the World Championship, and he scored two goals and made three assists in five games. 
Prior to joining Medvescak, Kostovic spent 11 seasons in the NLA (Swiss National League A), playing for Kloten, Ambri-Piottu, Lugano, and ZSC, while in 2005-06 he played Swiss National League B's Lausanne.