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Donbas take points from Zagreb

Reports 04.01.2014.
Donbas take points from Zagreb
Medvescak kicked off 2013 with a game against Donbass from Donetsk in which the guests won 3:1. Dom Sportova hosted a group of Ukrainian fans who came to support their team in person.
"Our special teams just didn't function, we didn't make use of a single powerplay, and we got scored on with a player less, which is crucial in games that are tight like this one. We knew that our opponents would be really good and great at defence. I think that we played really poorly in the neutral zone and didn't enter their zone well, so we weren't able to get optimal chances. Dekanich gave us the possibility to win, but we let him down with our offense", said coach French.
Things started out great for the Bears, as Mike Glumac scored his third goal of the season and second in the last three games in the 2nd minute. He was assisted by Bjorkstrand, who took over what looked like a lost puck along the boards with a solid play. Medvwscak got the penalties in a row, and while they held off their opponents and created some good opportunities in the first penalty kill, Donbass used the second one to tie the game. Unlike the dynamin first period, both teams entered the second carefully. In the 24th minute Thomas got a 2-minute penalty. The Bears defended themselves successfully, but just a few seconds after the penalty was up, Donbass took the lead with a shot from Kagarlickog, and finally secured the win in the 60th minute thanks to Badonov.