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Dwyer: This is a big point

Reports 17.09.2016.
Dwyer: This is a big point

If we count last season, this is the third game in a row in Slovnaft arena that the host took with a 3:2 score. Despite a comeback, big effort the Bears put in until the last second of overtime and a hard fought battle, the Bears lacked precision in the shootout and took home only a point.

“First of all, I want to congratulate Slovan on the win. It was a very competitive game, a true divisional rivalry game. I am proud of the way my team responded to Slovan’s early lead and found a way to come back, especially since again we missed players throughout the lineup. In the end, the game could have gone either way, we had our chances. This is a big point for our hockey club, we’ll take it, learn from it and move on,” Gordie Dwyer, Medvescak’s Head Coach commented after the game.

The hosts took an early lead, they put the first puck behind Danny Taylor’s back in the eight minute of the game, and three minutes later they punished Medvescak’s power play unit’s mistake and Vidensky doubled the lead.

A team with a different approach, ready to compete and create pressure and a lot more chances, skated out on the ice for the second and third period. In a more equal play, scoring chances were abundant and Bears got a very good chance to start turning around the game when a penalty shot was awarded to them because Barry Brust threw his stick during a scoring chance. Before Bobby Butler tried his luck, Brust earned a game misconduct and was replaced by Justin Pogge who saved the net and deflected Butler’s shot.

Jiri Smejkal made sure the period ends on a lighter note by scoring his first goal of the season.

“It feels good to score a goal, especially the first one in the KHL. But that’s less important because we lost the game the way we did,” Smejkal said after scoring his first goal in the KHL and in Bears’ jersey.

In an open game in the final period, Alexandre Bolduc tied it all up and the game moved on to overtime and finally shootout despite the pressure the Bears held.

“We let Slovan score way too easy goals, and we didn’t play our best in the first period. But when we started playing at the level we had to, we created a lot of chances and gave ourselves the best opportunity to win, but we just couldn’t finish. It went to a shootout and they were better,” summed it up Smejkal.

Video source: www.khl.ru

The Bears play their next game on Wednesday, 21 September. In Chelyabinsk they will be welcomed by Traktor team starting at 4 PM CEST.


KHL, Slovnaft arena, Bratislava


07:44 1-0 Rosandic (Chipchura, Kubalik)

10:41 2-0 Vidensky (Valsky) SH1

37:48 2-1 Smejkal

48:07 2-2 Bolduc (Arkalov, Parlett)

65:00 3-2 Jeglic PS

SHOTS ON GOAL: 30 - 19

PENALTIES: 32 min – 8 min

HC SLOVAN BRATISLAVA: Brust, Pogge, Luža, Bacik, Vopelka, Daloga, Nedorost, Jeglic, Meszaros, Cheechoo, Taffe, Plastino, Chipchura, Viedensky, Zigo, Skalicky, Lusnak, Rosandic, Svarny, Pokorny, Valsky, Kubalik

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Taylor, Hovinen, Genoway, Parlett, Mahbod, Smejkal, Glumac, Brule, Butler, Larkin, Krejcik, Bolduc, Bezina, Perkovich, Mertl, McMillan, Katic, Pare, Arkalov