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End of the Bears' Spengler adventure

Spengler Cup 29.12.2014.
End of the Bears' Spengler adventure
The Bears ended their first Spengler Cup experience with a game against Salavat Yulaev. Their third game of the tournament, which determined who goes on to the semifinals, ended in 3:0 for the team from Ufa.
This was Medvescak's third game in three days, and came just 16 hours after their game against Davos. But despite that, the Bears gave it their all to win this crucial match, but Salavat had more luck. In the first period both teams had some great chances. Medvescak, who had Cal Heeter on net, saw their best opportunity open up for James Wright in the 15th minute. In the end the period belonged to Ufa's team who took the 1:0 lead 35 seconds before the period was over thanks to Dmitrij Semin.
''If there are no goals, there is no success, that's obvious. I’m disappointed with the result, but I can't hold it against the players too much because they gave it their best'', said Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden.
During the second period the Bears had two penalty kills. First in the 25th minute Bill Thomas got two minutes, and then ten minutes later Shaone Morrisonn got the same. However, Heeter stood to the test both times and didn't let any shorthanded goals into the net.
''We had problems scoring. You can't win any games with one goal in three games. We're not disappointed with our performance on the ice, but we're disappointed with the result and that we're already out of the tournament. But, on the other hand, we're all proud to even have had the opportunity to play at such a prestigious tournament. We all know what a privilege it is to be a part of the elite that plays in the Spengler Cup'', briefly commented captain Andrew Murray, who took the title of the game's best player on Zagreb's team, while defenseman Sasa Martinovic added:
''We tried everything. We gave it our best shot, but things just didn't go our way. When you score one goal in three games that generally can't be good, even though we were pretty even against every opponent. But, we just couldn't score, despite all the opportunities we created.''
In the final period Salavat's players got to +3 goals ahead thanks to Stanislav Golovanov in the 50th minute during 4-on-4 play, and then a powerplay goal from Teemu Hartikainen in the 54th minute. 
''I'm proud that we were here, it's a huge honour, but I'm also very disappointed by the results, I expected more goals and more from the team. However we put up a steady fight, stood up against the best of the best and there's nothing to hold against the players there. This brought out our struggle of the season. We don't have a player who can make a change, turn the game around, and score. That's our problem this season and we can't seem to shake it off. Now we have to finish the championship as best we can, concentrate on that, stay together as a team and give it our best until the very end'', said Medvescak's President Damir Gojanovic.
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