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Enjoy Spengler from Zagreb, don't miss photo stories from Davos!

Spengler Cup 24.12.2014.
Enjoy Spengler from Zagreb, don't miss photo stories from Davos!
The Bears are done with KHL games for the rest of 2014, and now they turn to Davos, the picturesque town which Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden describes as Dr. Seuss' 'Whoville', and the Bears have their sights set on the prestigious Spengler Cup, which is celebrating its 88th birthday.
The Spengler Cup will be held from Dec. 26-31, and round 1 will see the Bears test their strength against the home team which has the most Spenglers under its belt (15) – HC Davos – as well as Team Canada, which is made up of the best Canadian players playing in Europe or the AHL and boasts 12 Cups. Only teams that are extended an invitation can take part in this prestigious tournament in the Swiss Alps that also happens to be the oldest running hockey tournament in the world. This season an invitation arrived at the Zagreb Bears' address!
Many fans from Croatia and other nations will head off for the Swiss Alps right after Christmas to cheer on the Bears in the Vaillant Arena, and we believe that many others will be doing the same from the warmth of their homes with some holiday cookies. That's why the club has worked with the Spengler Cup and Swiss photo agency Swiss-image.ch to bring all the action from the tournament to everyone. Everything that happens at the Cup can be followed on www.medvescak.com through daily photo galleries, and every few minutes during the games a frozen moment of the action will be uploaded.
Follow the Bears and the Spengler Cup through photos HERE.