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Eriksson stopped the Bears

Reports 22.12.2015.
Eriksson stopped the Bears

Intense and tough, same as every game between the Bears and Dinamo Riga, so was tonight’s game at the Club’s 54th birthday party. A plethora of opportunities and fast paced hockey marked most of the game, while the win was ensured by Joacim Eriksson in Dinamo’s goal who stopped all the Bears threw at him.

“‘It was a very good game filled with active play and fight. From our side, Eriksson kept us in it at all important points in the game. This is a great win for us.” said Karl Heikkila, the away team’s coach after his team took all three points from Dom sportova.

“I congratulate Riga on the three points. They came into the game better prepare than we have and set the tempo. It took us a bit longer to find our game, but I think we more than made up for it in the second when we had a lot of chances to take the lead.  We once again lacked a bit of precision in finishing off attacks. Or luck, however you want. But, in hockey you create your own luck and we lacked that today.” Gordie Dwyer was a bit more concrete in his analysis of the game and pointed out the most important things that cost the Bears the win:

“Riga closed out the neutral third masterfully and slowed us down, their forecheck today was excellent and when you’re behind it complicates the situation even further. Maybe we should’ve been a bit tougher but in the end it all comes down to one-on-one battles that we lost. We had our chances, chances that we had to convert, but we didn’t. The fact that their goalie was at a high level today doesn’t justify us, we have to find a way for the shots to find the back of the net.”

The fast rhythm set by Riga in the starting minutes soon became the standard that was seen almost all the way to the end. Medveščak compensated for the slower start quickly and the first goal of the game hung in the air all the way to the end of the first. After a huge amount of missed opportunities by the Bears, five minutes before the end of the first, the first puck found the net behind Danny Taylor.

“One goal in this game was extremely important. When we entered the third period trailing 0:1 the next was crucial because everything could have turned in just a moment.” commented Dwyer.

But, the next one once again found a way to get behind Taylor, as did the one four minutes later :” We fought tonight and we’re not happy with the result because it’s far from what we wanted. It’s simple, you have to give it your all every night, without holding back, especially when you’re fighting for the playoff. And today, Riga was better” commented Nathan Perkovich added :” Games like these count twice as much.”

This was the birthday game for Medveščak’s 54th birthday party. Even though the result wasn’t favorable, Podravka, the Club’s faithful partner, ensured that the great birthday party didn’t go by without a huge birthday cake for all the fans.

“I’m sorry that we didn’t ensure a win for our birthday party. But, this is still a great achievement, 54 years are a big deal and it’s nice to see what the club has accomplished in its rich history.” concluded Perkovich.


Video material source: www.khl.ru

The Bears play their next game on Thursday, at Christmas eve in the Ice hall, starting from 15:00. Tickets are available on all Ticketshop sales spots, as well as online on www.ticketshop.hr, as always tickets will also be available from 13:30 at the day of the game.


KHL, Ice hall of Dom sportova, Zagreb


34:41 0-1 Sestito (Skvorcovs, Indrašis)

40:46 0-2 Redlihs M. (Darzinš)

44:34 0-3 Kulda (Berzinš, Zabis)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 24 - 29

PENALTIES: 10 min – 10 min

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