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Fans turn Arena Zagreb blue

Pan Arena Ice Fever 27.01.2014.
Fans turn Arena Zagreb blue
The Bears closed the Pan Arena Ice Fever extravaganza and their 50th jubilee KHL game in big style: by making it into the playoffs and by breaking another record. In the game against Severstal, which was also the last home game of the regular season, Medvescak's fans broke the record for the most amount of fan merchandise at  a game. 
As the game neared, blue flags, jerseys of favourite players, shirts, hats, scarves, and many more items with Medvescak's logo poured into Arena. The fans were ready to take down another record. 
There was no shortage of an incredible atmosphere with all of the cheering and Arena painted over blue. The Bear logo appeared on 6238 items of fan apparel!
Throughout the entire game, the MedoWall once again displayed all of fan photos from Instagram. There was an abundance of great photos, and the one with the most likes got a Medvescak gift.