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First ever Croat drafted in the KHL Junior Draft

News 25.05.2016.
First ever Croat drafted in the KHL Junior Draft

For the 17-year-old member of Medvescak U20 team, Josip Vuglac, summer workouts and training regime for the upcoming season got a whole new meaning. Vuglac became the first ever Croat selected in the KHL Junior Draft when Aaron Fox, Medvescak's sports director, read his name as the team's second pick: “With our second pick we decided to go with a local player and we drafted Josip Vuglac, a member of Medvescak U20 team.”

“I’m completely shocked. In a positive way, of course; I not only did not see this coming, but I didn’t even think it was possible. I can’t believe it,” voiced his reaction Vuglac who finished the season as a runner-up of the junior EBEL league, EBYSL. The tremendous success in a tight competition of Medvescak U20 team didn’t go unnoticed, and the players found themselves under bigger scrutiny and showed they can be counted on.

The shock of a big surprise for Vuglac was soon after replaced by euphoria, and the significance of being drafted started to gain weight: “It’s a great honor to be selected and I’m sure it will take some time for it to properly sink in. But, I could not have dreamed a greater motivational boost than this. My trainings will have to be harder and longer and now everything is so much more important. I will do my best to justify this pick,” Vuglac said.

Vuglac was Medvescak’s pick in the fifth round of the Draft, while in the first round the team selected a Finn Erno Gerlander, a Jokerit goalie about whom Fox said: “Gerlander is a big goalie with a lot of potential.”