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First ever win against Moscow's Dinamo

Reports 03.12.2014.
First ever win against Moscow's Dinamo
For the first time in history the Bears defeated the mighty Dynamo from Moscow. They secured two big points in a shootout in the Luzhniki arena, and the night's hero was definitely Krys Kolanos.
The first period went by without goals and just one penalty as Brock Trotter got two minutes for hitting with his stick in the 8th minute. Despite that, the Bears had a solid penalty kill and kept Dynamo away from Mark Owuya's net.
''We're happy with the result. Throughout the season we've had better and worse days, and after all of that we came here and played a tight game. Everything turned around in the final period, we tied the game and then secured an additional point. This is a big win for our team'', said Coach Doug Shedden.
Just 14 seconds into the second period, the home team took the lead thanks to Maxim Pestushko. However it didn't take long for the Bears to get another opportunity. In the 27th minute defenseman Mark Popovic tied the game at 1:1. Nevertheless the period ended in 2:1 (Gleb Koryagin).
Despite trailing behind, the Bears didn't give up. They fought until the last minute, and 50 seconds before the final whistle, Kolanos decided to take the game into overtime, and then in the end secured them two points with his shootout goal. 
''The key to my goals and adjusting to the team so quickly are my linemates, and the team as a whole. They're all helping me a lot and this is truly a team effort. I'm happy we won and got these two points, it's going to be a lot easier to finish this road series on a positive note'', said the night's star Kolanos, who earned five points in just two games.